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IRClean free, compact anti-worm system designed to combat IRC worms


"IRClean free, compact anti-worm system" designed to combat IRC worms
dovnload.co.uk Editor: IRClean 100% free, standalone, compact and simple but very powerful anti-Worm system designed specifically to combat worms that target or use IRC chat to spread use. This IRC help stem the growing tide-spreading worm appeared as a free public space.

IRClean is very easy to use. Will want to browse to a location run. You can scan a drive such as C: \ or a directory such as C: \ mirc. Scanning can be stopped in mid-scan at any time by pressing the Stop button.

And characteristics of this worm spread IRClean IRC detect any file exists, will be notified. Test worm included. Controlled through design, it will not spread or harm (so not actually a worm), but a real show and real life examples how a worm can infect mIRC simple maximum. TestWorm will spare you script.ini script.bak file. Now you can download free IRClean 2.0.

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